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What Is Scoliosis?

It’s a curvature of the spine which can show in a few different forms. If you’re looking to have kinesiology for scoliosis, you may wish to bring an X-ray of your spine if you have one.

Some people are born with scoliosis, or it can develop between age 4 and 9 (juvenile) or between 10 and 18 years old which is in adolescence. Usually caused by neuromuscular conditions, most clients I’ve seen have been offered back surgery but either don’t want to have it, or want to try something else first.

Kinesiology Perspective On Scoliosis – Physiology

back pain somersetThe muscles in our body attach into the bones, that’s how they are held in place. It would be therefore correct to say, if a muscle had a problem that it was too tense, it could pull the bone towards it. If the muscle was too relaxed, it’s not holding the bone strongly enough. I know we all like to think of the body as a mass of bone (the skeleton) which stands tall and holds the rest of us in place, however the muscles, the tendons, the skin and the organs all play a part in keeping our bodies up, alive and functioning. The muscles, playing the biggest part.

Taking the Sacrospinalis as just one example (also known as erector spinae). This muscle is shown in the picture. You can see how it runs either side of the spine, and if this muscle was to be tense on one side it could pull the spine that way. If it was loose on both sides you could see that the spine would not be very well supported.

As well as the Erector Spinae, there are many other muscles which run alongside or near to the spine, on which an imbalance can start to pull on the bones.

Kinesiology Perspective On Scoliosis – Energy Work

There are two main meridians associated with spinal issues. The first is the governing meridian, I explain it to clients that it’s like it governs everything. It runs up the middle of the back, from the base of the spine, up and over the head and finishes at the top lip. The second meridian is the bladder meridian, which has 4 lines that run up either side of the spine. It has a little zig-zag at the lower back and across the knees.

Back pain and knee pain are common complaints in those with scoliosis. I explain to clients a lot that the two are closely related due to the nature of the energy which flows around them.

The bladder can also be affected, given that this is the bladder meridian. You may find that you have problems with urination, frequent infections or pains in the bladder area associated with the scoliosis. This will all be taken into account during the session.

Emotional Work With Scoliosis

Louise Hay talked about back problems in her book You Can Heal Your Life. She lists physical conditions and their emotional root, which for me can be a good clue for a general direction in which to start.

The back is the area of support. We may talk about how much support you are receiving and not just in terms of helping you with your back. Did the scoliosis start at a time where you were not supported. In a session you don’t have to say these things out loud to me, I will ask the question and you may just think the answer. We don’t need to have drawn out discussions about things you may rather not talk about. It works just as well, when you’re just thinking.

Scoliosis in Louise Hay terms is also to do with ‘carrying the burdens of life’. You may have had a lot put onto you in your early years which may be an energetic root of where this is coming from.

Please note – none of this may be relevant. The muscles and the energy is relevant for everyone, emotions are a very individual thing and sometimes this is not relevant at all. It’s a good place to start but if it’s not relevant, there will be something else which we can find in the session together.

What Happens In A Kinesiology Session?

I will test your muscles to see if they are firing or not, using specific muscle tests. If they are now firing it means they’re not switching on. There are points we can press, rub or hold which will get the muscles working again. If they are too tight, there’s work we can do to balance them out so they’re not tight.

I will also test your meridians, particularly the governing meridian and the bladder meridian to see if there are emotions stuck in the energy flow, and what we need to do to remove it.

The session is carried out fully clothed on a massage bed. 

How Is Kinesiology Going To Help?

Muscles, bones and joints are constantly repairing themselves. If the muscles are back in their normal place, not putting pressure on the spine, and the emotions are flowing well, then there should be a significant relief in the symptoms. I invite clients to have a few sessions and if they would like to have an X-ray to see if theres been any changes then it’s very welcome.

Testimonial From A Client

“I have had ten days pain free. I am enjoying getting out walking again. Expecting my back to seize up every day but so far nothing has triggered it and I really have been physically testing it!”

How Long Is It Going To Take?

The above testimonial was written to me from one client who had one session. Most clients want to continue working together for other issues. I would expect all clients to see a difference from one session. Naturally, most clients want to do a bit more work together as we can’t unravel everything (usually!) in one go.

If you would like to book in to see me for a session please feel free to get in touch.

~Ellie x