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It’s 29th December 2016 and my Facebook feed is coming alive with peoples’ new year goals and changes they want to make to their life in the New Year.


I do love a bit of ambition, when someone decides they want to change something and they go for it. It’s really admirable and I love watching journeys.

BUT, (yes, there’s a but) sometimes, people are just not ready. Ask someone who has lost a considerable amount of weight, or achieved a huge goal already, there had to be a moment where they decided, enough is enough, and they had to change. That came from inside and it had to be so strong that they would not look back.

If you’re not ready to quit smoking yet but you want to do something to help your body then here is a compilation of some of the research and some bits of information that could help you.

Due to the toxins which are present in cigarette smoke, smokers have a significant exposure to ‘Oxidative Stress’ which means (in short) that the body cannot detoxify as quickly as it needs to.

Most people have heard of antioxidants. They are nutrients which prevent harmful oxidants in the body causing harm. I like to think of it as anti-freeze prevents freezing, anti-oxidants stops damage in the body from harmful chemicals.

Vitamin C is a vitamin essential for normal functioning of the body. Unlike most mammals however, him and do not produce their own Vitamin C and must get it from their diet.

Vitamin C is needed for correct functioning of connective tissue, cartilage, teeth and skin as well as healing wounds and supporting the immune system.

Research shows smokers have lower levels of Vitamin C in the blood and the recommended intake is 2000mg per day, otherwise written as 2g.

As Vitamin C is water soluble, it means that any of the vitamin your body doesn’t need will be excreted. I would recommend taking one tablet in the morning and one in the evening rather than the 2 together.

You could get more vitamin C by eating more fruits and vegetables, but to get 2g of Vitamin C a day you would need to eat 40 large oranges, hence why I find the supplementation option easier then fruits and vegetable Vitamin C are in addition to that.

Having been a smoker myself, I smoked for 6 years, I know that when the time is right you will give up, if you want to.

If you think you might like to give something a go with regards to giving up, I read this book which a friend recommended for me (I thought Alan Carr was a comedian, this book is not written by him!) and you continue to smoke whilst reading the book.

The great thing is, nobody has to know you are reading the book so there can be no obligations either way as to what results it brings or nagging from friends or family …

Perhaps a great New Years Resolution may be to take some Vitamin C to help your body out, and/or read a book in January?

The Supplements and The Book can be found here.

Whatever you decide on for 2017 I wish you all the best in Health and Happiness,

With Love, Ellie x