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Essential Oils are oils from plants which have beneficial healing properties and are delivered in a concentrated form.
There are around 50 million smell receptors in our nose which are linked to parts of our brain responsible for emotions and hormones. Essential oils simply smell nice and make us feel better.

If you have never used essential oils for relaxation before then I will list everything you need in this blog to get started.

Why Not Smelly Candles?

I personally prefer to use natural substances as much as possible, and I also find essential oils much cheaper than smelly candles! Research has found that some candles contain chemicals including formaldehyde, so personally I don’t use them but it’s each to their own.

Essential Oil Burner

I used to use standard oil burners but noticed that I was constantly refilling them with water and went through much more oil, until my friend recommended me to use a Fondue Pot. The fondue pots are so much deeper so you can fit more water in, and one drop of oil goes much further. In the standard oil burner I was refilling the water 3-4 times during the course of an evening.

I did like the look and the idea of an electric oil diffuser when they first came out, but I found it was difficult to empty the water and get it dry inside as there are several bits to put together. With this review however I live in a home with only 2 adults so I do not have children or pets to consider with using candles and oil burners. If you need to be careful with children, pets or candles then the electric diffusers could be better for you than a fondue pot for burning oil. 

Oils For Relaxation

Frankinsence_Kinesiology_SomersetFrankincense is an essential oil which when inhaled reduces heart rate and high blood pressure. It has anti-anxiety and anti-depressive properties and does not cause drowsiness. Frankincense also has properties which help balance hormone levels, helps headaches and fatigue. Lowering anxiety levels or helping with chronic stress helps us fall asleep with more ease.

10ml of Frankincense is £3.29 on Amazon



Clary Sage is my personal favourite essential oil. It’s a herb which has been found to have many health benefits, including calming the nervous system and helping with depression and insomnia. Clary Sage oil helps address menstrual issues including menstrual cramps and hot flushes.

I love to put Clary Sage Oil (1/2 Drops) in the bath for a deep relaxing session of ‘me time!’

10ml Clary Sage Oil is £2.19 On Amazon


Ylang_Ylang_Kinesiology_SomersetYang Ylang is a great antidepressant oil which helps in times of nervous breakdown, anxiety or general sadness. The oil helps promote a positive outlook and provides antioxidant support.

As a natural energiser it’s helpful to burn this oil if you are always tired, drained or frustrated.

10ml of Ylang Ylang is £1.99 On Amazon


How To Use The Essential Oils

Essential Oils have many therapeutic health benefits but they do need to be treated with respect. One to two drops is absolutely sufficient in the bath or in an oil burner. Like perfume fragrances, you won’t smell it once you’ve got used to the smell in your home, but one drop really is enough to feel the benefits.

If you want to make a blend of the essential oils you can blend them together. The 3 oils mentioned, I combine sometimes in the bath or the oil burner one drop of each. You will become familiar with the smells you like and enjoy having burning in your home.

Oils In The Bath

Total relaxation. Attractive young woman keeping eyes closed while enjoying luxurious bath

If you like to relax in the bath then one of two drops of each oil in the bath is lovely and again, you can blend several oils together to get the health benefits from them all.

I do recommend a regular relaxation session (at least one a day!) of just 5 minutes to lie or sit still, with no electronics or gadgets, pens or paper, to just have a few deep breaths and centre yourself. If you want to carry the oil with you on a tissue to work or to school in a pencil case, sniffing the oil and checking in with how you are feeling can really help you make some very positive health shifts for the better. It’s very common to find ourselves busying around and not actually taking the time to stop until we go to bed.

If you want to start using essential oils at home then I hope this was a helpful post! Enjoy the oils and let me know how you get on!

Ellie x


Warnings: When using the essential oils make sure they are never put on open wounds or directly in your eyes. Do not put undiluted oils on your skin without supervision of a qualified aromatherapist. As with all candles and flames do not leave them unattended and the oil burner fondue pot will become very hot so keep out of the way of children.