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As I sat in Argos Car Park feeling the inspiration to write this blog post, I realised I had let my high expectations of a situation almost ruin my day. It was quite a pivotal moment for me, because upon reflection this was a testing situation which will change the way I view things now and forever! So that’s what I’m going to share.


Last weekend we had a bit of a sort-out in our home. I made a small list of things that needed to be done, to be purchased, to be thrown away and so on. There were three major things I needed to sort out: Living Room Lamp; Bedside Cabinets and Advent Calendars.

Working on the easiest one first, I went for Advent Calendars. Amazon Prime 11 Advent Calendars were £22, one for my partner, one for my two best friends, and one for each of my staff. Perfect. Saturday 26th November Amazon Prime… they will arrive Monday 28th November, brilliant.

Next I went to Dunelm and chose a lamp that I loved for the living room. Got the box home, unpacked it, and realised that one of the three shades was missing from the box and the lamp didn’t come with light bulbs. I have screw in and bayonet light bulbs in the drawer, but no, these ones I needed are the slim screw in ones, which I don’t have. So Saturday night we plugged the old lamp back in so I could sort it on Sunday.

Sunday I decided I would take the lamp back to Dunelm and also do Operation Bedside Cabinet in the meantime. I saw a pair I really liked in Argos so reserved them online and went to the store. When I got to the store they said sorry they were supposed to be in stock but half of their delivery had been logged online as being in stock so they weren’t actually there, and they asked could I come back on Monday.

Monday comes and I finally managed to get these thin screw in light bulbs which were the dimmest ones available. I went back to Argos to get the bedside cabinets and only one had arrived on todays delivery, so I took the one. Got home, assembled it, it had one pair of drawer runners missing. I then put the light bulbs in the lamp and in the words of my partner “It’s like a set of car headlights beaming at you from in the corner”.

So I sit and take a few deep breaths. “Why isn’t anything working this week??” I keep asking myself.  The lamp arrived broken, the bedside tables I’ve had to make 3 journeys to collect 2 cabinets and even when I get the lamp working it’s too bright. Sigh.

It’s 30th November and my advent calendars I bought for gifts have not arrived. I check on Amazon and it says expected between 1st and 3rd December. Even though they were Prime for Monday. Customer services – nothing I can do, and so on.

At this point, 3/3 of the things I had on my list I gave myself, had ‘gone wrong’ and I was frustrated to say the least.

I wonder if you agree with me, that we’ve clearly got high expectations ‘these days’ and that we expect everything to just work, don’t we? Yet it’s perfectly possible that someone in a warehouse somewhere can forget to pack a lamp shade or a drawer runner! It just all happened to me in one week with three things. We expect Prime to be next day and when three days later something isn’t there, we are not happy!

Yet the only thing causing me the heartache, was my expectation.

What I think is rather brilliant, is that when I contacted Argos via their Facebook page, they replied to me within one hour and had a spare runner sent to me in the post. That is really great customer service. Life happens, deliveries get forgotten around Christmas, Advent Calendars didn’t arrive, lamp didn’t include light bulbs, but that’s just life and life happens! I had a look online and what I didn’t know existed was light bulb paint! So I have bought some paints and see if I can make these LED bulbs a bit dimmer and get creative!

Next time I have a heartache, I think I will for sure be asking myself, what is my expectation? Have a go – what’s your current heartache and how can it be brought back to an expectation?

Ellie x