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On October 3rd 2018 I will be 30!

I have been looking for something which I could do for my birthday which will be a bit more meaningful and long-lasting than a material gift.

As many of you may know I sponsor a family in Gambia through Winged Dreams, my friend Carole’s charity. The ladies who work for the charity take nothing in administration fees. Whilst that never used to concern me in the beginning, it does now that seeing in the media other large charities take 80{ed159cecbb77fea5818615232e4de1df78190e31fc4ef13eb5bf38ea400c3a92} + in administration fees. I like to know that 100{ed159cecbb77fea5818615232e4de1df78190e31fc4ef13eb5bf38ea400c3a92} of my money goes to the people in need of it.

What I’ve decided is that for my 30th, I would like to buy beds, mosquito nets and things that they need to complete their orphanage project.

Carol and the Trustees decided to build an orphanage for children whose parents have died or are seriously ill, and who need somewhere to go for care. The people who will be looking after the children will again be volunteers of the extended Winged Dreams family.

They have already built a school in the town, a charity food store, and a medical funding grant for the community, as well as sponsoring hundreds of children to go to school (four of which are in my sponsored family and without sponsorship they simply couldn’t go).

The orphanage is next on their list and I would like to help them with that. They are at the stage of this project where the electrics need to go in, the roof needs to go on, and then they can furnish it.

If you would like to give me something for my birthday, please could you donate towards buying some beds for the orphanage?

I am of the understanding that a bed is around £30, a mattress is around £30 and the mosquito nets are 2 for £30 … if you would usually send me a card, and you’d like to just put £1 towards this project, that would be great too.

Thank You So Much…

~Ellie x

Winged Dreams Registered Charity No 1153276