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When you book for Kinesiology with me, I send you a form to complete. On this form, one of the questions on the form is about your birth. Most people don’t know about their birth and they is confusion about why it matters, so here is a blog about the emotional issues we can carry from our birth (in this blog, Caesarian birth) which shapes our life in quite a big way.

There are two types of caesarian birth: elective caesarian and emergency caesarian. Research suggests that babies born by caesarian section are more at risk from suffering emotional trauma from the birth than vaginally delivered babies.

This blog is focussed on if your birth was by caesarian. Not so much if you have given birth to your child by C-Section. I will write other blogs on the birthing experience from the Mother’s perspective!

Elective Caesarian

Women who have had a C-Section in the past will often be recommended to have it again the second time. These elective caesarians are planned up to 2 weeks before the due date if there are pregnancy complications.

If the baby has not had chance to experience the contractions and the beginning of labour, this is when the babies lungs complete their development. The baby is getting ready to take their first breath.

Therefore, babies born from a non-labour elective caesarian often have greater respiratory problems than babies delivered vaginally. This can include asthma and chronic coughing.

There is also an element of shock involved. Imagine you are laid in bed all snug and safe and asleep. Suddenly someone breaks into your house and pulls you outside. That would be probably quite stressful and also you would have some strong emotions and memories about what happened. This is true for babies. Sometimes they were not ready to leave their calm and cosy environment. They can as people be quite quiet and withdrawn into themselves.

Emergency Caesarian

In most cases, labour has started and a problem arises which cannot be sorted any other way. This means that the birth is more stressful and more anxiety is involved. Stress hormones flood the mother and therefore the baby. There’s a higher level of imprinted stress involved in emergency C-Sections.

If the mother needs care after the caesarian, the baby can be separated from the mother at this time. If a Father is present or a birthing partner the baby can bond to them.  However, if left alone, the baby can have some bonding issues from its’ first worldly experience of being on it’s own.

Research shows that some of the psychological effects from babies born by emergency caesarian include: Invasion Issues (people coming into your space); Control Issues and Difficulty starting or completing things.

If you were born by Caesarian and you have some emotional issues you would like to work on, you can book a session here. Sessions can be conducted in person at my home in Somerset, or on Skype if you are far away.